Natural Tri Color Tourmaline


Weight :- 20.82carats

Shape :- Octagon

Price is for Whole Piece

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Natural Tri Color Tourmaline Octagon

Buy Top Quality Beautiful Tri Color  Natural Tourmaline Octagon having 3 colors that are mixed beautifully within each other to make it an Exceptional Piece. It can be used in making a Beautiful Ring or a pretty Necklace.



Gemstone: Tourmaline 
Image contains: 1 Piece
Package includes: 1 Piece
Shape: Octagon
Cut: Faceted
Quality: Grade AAA (Excellent)
Weight : 20.82carats

Tourmaline is a natural gemstone that is used for making various types of jewellery like Rings, Necklaces, Ear Rings, Bracelets etc. It is a Semi Precious stone that is mined in various parts of Africa including tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria & also in Asia mostly in Afganishtan, Pakistan as well as India & Sri Lanka.

It can be found in wide variety of colors & each color has its own Speciality like Red Tourmaline are called as Rubellite, Blue Tourmaline called as Indicolite & Green Tourmaline as Chrome Tourmaline.

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